News From The Port

By Patrick H. Reay, Executive Director

Wallula Dodd Water System

Over the last several years, the Port has been working on developing a regional industrial water system for its Dodd Road Industrial Park and Wallula Gap Business Park properties in the western portion of Walla Walla County.  The Dodd Road Industrial Park and the Wallula Gap Business Park combined are approximately 1,500+-acres of heavy and mixed industrial zoning which is ideal for heavy industrial business activity. The Port’s Wallula Gap Business Park is also the largest industrially zoned property available in the State of Washington.

Currently, the Port operates a Group A, non-transient, non-community water system in western Walla Walla County, known as the Wallula Dodd Water System. The water system presently serves six local businesses including approximately 75 percent of the Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. (Tyson) raw process water. The Port is preparing to develop two of its existing shallow alluvium wells for blending with its Dodd basalt well water, construct a 6.2 million-gallon reservoir, and install approximately 44,000 linear feet 24” transmission mains from the wells to the reservoir and 4”, 18”, 24”, and 30” distribution mains from the reservoir to the users.   The project should be completed in the Fall 2020 at an estimated cost of $18 million.