News From The Port

The Port of Walla Walla has been focused on various infrastructure development projects and business support efforts over the past several months. Due to the impacts of COVID, the operations of the Port have changed, but the volume of work and productivity of staff has continued to flourish. The Port Commissioners and staff continue to focus on projects and activities that support the mission of the Port of Walla Walla. The mission statement is “working to enhance the economic vitality of Walla Walla County.” The measurement of success of the mission is our ability to:

  • Create and retain family-wage jobs
  • Expand the region's tax base
  • Maintain multi-modal transportation linkages
  • Provide leadership in enhancing Walla Walla County's overall economic vitality and quality of life

The Port manages many different real estate assets that allow for the mission to be accomplished. Through the development of various public infrastructure investments, the ability to support businesses, large and small, provides the business environment for successful employment opportunities. Strategic investment in public water systems at the Airport, Burbank, and the new Wallula Dodd Water System (WDWS) allow for the continued support and capacity to provide adequate water for a number of business that provides great employment opportunities and is a fundamental utility to allow for new business development options within Walla Walla County.

In addition to water system developments, the Port is working on various significant Airport related improvements, as a result of the receipt of federal Cares Act funding. A number of building and utility system improvements will begin to be completed over the next four years. The improvements will address various maintenance-related improvements and will provide for some visual and noticeable changes at the Airport Business District.

Another exciting project update is the start of construction on U.S. Highway 12 – Phase 7. This project will continue the four-laning from Frenchtown to Nine-Mile hill. This 11-mile stretch will see construction activity in 2021-2023. The continues the efforts of the US 12 Coalitions decade-plus efforts to improve access, safety, and freight mobility along this corridor.

As we continue to provide services and address the various demands and needs of the business community during these unchartered times, the Port of Walla Walla stands ready and able to lead us into a successful future in Walla Walla County.

Patrick H. Reay, Executive Director 

October 2020