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Valley Rich in Health Care, but Many are Uninsured

"The numbers are unambiguous: Health care matters to Walla Walla. With two private, not-for-profit hospitals, a major Veteran's Administration facility, tertiary care specialists and many ancillary medical professionals, this community of nearly 60,000 enjoys a disproportionate share of medical expertise."
-Walla Walla Union - Bulletin,  03/11/2014

Recent WallaWalla Income Trends Underperforming

"The forces that steer the Walla Walla economy have largely smiled on the Valley's residents over the past two years. Unemployment rates have been far lower than those of Washington and the U.S. growth rates in taxable sales exceeded the Washington state average in both 2011 and 2012. Tourism, as well as it can be measured, continues to expand, with its attractions adding to the quality of life for residents and visitors alike."
-Walla Walla Union - Bulletin,  02/10/2014

Walla Walla Trends Report Highlights Local Ethnic, Job Mixes

"Walla Walla County has relatively fewer minority populations but more government jobs and more insured adults than other Washington communities."
-Walla Walla Union - Bulletin,  02/05/2010

Website Offers Insight Into Valley

"Walla Walla Trends gathers data policy makers and residents can use to plan for the future."
-Walla Walla Union - Bulletin,  05/30/2008

New Web Site Offers Insight into Local Trends

"Want to know how fast the population's growing? Or the median household income? How about the leading causes of death in our community? Or water quality from the Walla Walla River?"
-Walla Walla Union - Bulletin,  05/28/2008